Our Team

Patrick McGowan
Managing Director

Patrick McGowan is a veteran of the audio industry, with over ten years of combined audio experience. His expertise has allowed him to become an Asia industry leader in Pro Audio and Intercom Systems.

Specialties: Corporate Audio, Intercom, Wireless Systems

Ray Wang
Group Operations Director

With over a decade of management experience in a wide variety of industries, Ray helps TechSound provide solutions to meet an ever expanding set of challenges. As Group Operations Director, Ray empowers TechSound’s audio team with the resources and resiliency to meet even the most demanding of client needs.

Specialties: E-Sports, Gaming Systems Design, Logistics Management

Henry Marcy
Senior Technician/Team Leader

Originally from Southern California, Henry has been providing strong oversight and leadership to TechSound’s field technicians since 2017. Henry has a B.S. in Interdisciplinary Science from RPI, where his studies were focused on Physics, Math, and Music Technology. Henry has previous experience as a firmware and software engineer at a China-based startup as well as a Fortune 500 tech firm.

Specialties: Audio Networking, Intercom Systems, System Design and Integration

Kiros Wei
Senior Technician/Team Leader

Extensive experience in audio and esports industry, strong teamwork ability and leadership qualities make Kiros a professional Senior Technician. He is particularly good at esports console audio systems, intercoms, recording and mixing.

Specialties: Broadcast Audio, Intercom Systems, Installation, Esports

James Charlton
Senior Technician/Team Leader

Hailing from rural Northumberland in the UK, Jamie has been deeply involved in the world of sound for many years, in both a creative and technical capacity. He has collaborated with sound artist Rudger Zuyderfelt and produced album material for US Billboard charting artist Lil B. With a B.A. in Sound Arts & Design, he has worked extensively as a composer and sound designer for clients such as The North Face, Chanel and McDonald’s. Now Jamie provides technical support for a variety of events across East Asia as a part of the TechSound team.

Specialties: Stage Management, DJ Assistance, Studio Engineering, Mixing, Mastering, Intercom Systems

Nardja Owens

Nardja has a degree in Multimedia Production with a specialty in Audio. With around 6 years of experience in Producing and DJing, he quickly learned how to apply those skills and formulas to TechSound’s projects.

Specialties: Stage Management, DJ Assistance, Audio Networking, Intercom Systems

Ting Wang

Ting has 3 years of experience in the audio industry, with primary focus on esports events. In a very short period of time working for TechSound, Ting has gained enough experience to allow him to work independently with Broadcast Audio, Amplification on site, Intercoms, etc.

Specialties: Audio Networking, Intercom Systems, Installation , Esports

Zoe Yang
Administrative Assistant

Zoe shows an excellent level of responsibility, ability to multitask and work in different conditions. Her multiple skills such as, proficiency in 3 languages (Mandarin, English, French), familiarity with various software, and high speed of working make Zoe one of the best employees in the Administrative department of TechSound.

Specialties: Sourcing, Logistics Management, Client Relations, Scheduling